Many of you ask about the advantages of a Kydex Holsters vs. leather....
Our holsters are designed for comfort and speed. They can be drawn from incredibly fast. Because the Kydex grips the gun, there is no need for a strap to hold it in place. The last thing you want to be doing when preparing to defend yourself is unstrapping your gun.
It is designed to be worn inside your waistband. When worn under a shirt it’s almost invisible. 
• Lifetime Guarantee: Our holsters are extremely durable. So durable in fact that we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee should they ever break. (Under normal handling and storage conditions). 
• Retains form: Leather holsters close up when they are drawn from, making re-holstering awkward and difficult. Kydex holsters stay open allowing easy re-holstering of the gun.
• Sweat resistant and easy to clean: IWB Leather holsters absorb sweat and can become dirty and/or foul smelling during the summer months. Also they are almost impossible to clean without destroying the holster. Kydex holsters do not absorb sweat and can be simply rinsed with water when dirty.
• Won’t scratch the finish: One of the first things people ask us is “Will this scratch my gun?” The answer is NO! There may be slight holster wear but it will NOT scratch your gun. In fact, it will be gentler on your gun than leather over time. A leather holster worn inside the waistband it begins to collect sweat and dirt over time. The soft leather becomes hard and slowly begins to get the texture of a leather strop, which is what your barber uses to sharpen his razor. It is extremely abrasive to your gun’s finish, much more so than a smooth piece of Kydex.

Why KYDEX over Leather?

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