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NO BELT NEEDED! We are a distributor of the Fabriclip™ , a holster clip designed to be worn on most materials without the need for a belt. Wear with jeans, sweats, yoga pants, dress slacks and more. Also works in purses and backpacks where there is material to clasp and lock on to. If installed properly, your holster will stay in place when your gun is drawn.

Each Fabriclip™ now includes a reversible concealment T-bar wing/claw that pulls the grip of your weapon inward toward your body for even better concealment. Left or right handed- works with both. Designed for inside (concealed) waistband carry.

Made from semi-rigid nylon, so it won't wear a hole in your clothes or damage car seats/furniture like steel clips do.

Only fits holsters that have horizontal holes near the top, please see pictures. (Will not work if your holster has vertical holes).  The T-bar wing fits horizontal holes spaced from .75" to 1" wide.

All hardware and an instruction card are included with each Fabriclip™ kit.

Note - Do not lock the Fabriclip™ to the outside of belts or clothing. It may unlock if used incorrectly. If not wearing the Fabriclip™ behind a belt, we recommend a sturdy, good-fitting waistband or drawstring that can securely hold the weight of your gun and holster.

We strongly suggest that once you get all screws adjusted to your preference, use a drop of Loctite to keep them from loosening.

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Only $14.95, Free Shipping

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